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Most homes these days are built with garages that are too small. Homeowners may find that the garage that originally came with the house is sufficient for a time but that over time their need for additional garage space becomes blatantly obvious. Many of our customers have approached us with this dilemma. They have asked us to complete a garage addition (added to the existing house) or they have asked us for a detached garage addition. When you find yourself in this situation Severens Construction Management is your best choice for a Garage Addition Contractor.

There are several variables to consider as you are thinking about a garage addition in Denver North Carolina. If you want to build your garage addition on a budget you take take some steps to build on a conservative budget. One of these steps is to consider the exterior siding of the structure. If the new garage is sided with Vinyl or HardiePlank® the finished cost will be less expensive than if the garage is constructed with Brick or stone exterior. Additionally, the interior finish can be taken into consideration. If you choose to eliminate insulation and drywall from the interior walls of the garage you will save a considerable sum. This is a step that can allow you to "phase" the work. The term "phase" is used when a customer chooses to complete a portion of the work at a later date. By deferring the expense the homeowner can wait and save up funds to complete the interior finishes yet still begin to enjoy the use of the garage in the short term.

As there are several variables to consider when planning the budget for the project, there are also several options that need to be thought about in advance as you plan for the construction of your garage. Your garage contractor should be able to guide you through your available options. Lighting is a very important decision. As it relates to lighting you will have to think through how much time you will be spending in the garage, what types of lighting are most pleasing to you and how many lumens you will need to perform the tasks that you wish to complete in your new garage addition. Another important consideration is electrical power outlets. When thinking through this decision think into the future. Ask yourself questions such as, "what power tools do I foresee myself using in this garage in the future?" Another good related question to ask yourself is related to the number of outlets and the number of circuits. If you are going to be using tools that draw high limits of power you may need multiple circuits in your new garage.

So, as you can see, when it comes to building your new garage it's not as easy as finding a framer and getting started. When it comes to garage addition construction you will want to find a General Contractor with experience and knowledge of all of the many variables involved. Don't walk blindly into this project. Trust Severens Construction Management for the Construction of your Garage addition.

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