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Your flooring decisions are a vitally important piece of your overall home decorating plan. This is the reason why you need to make the right choice when picking a flooring contractor in Denver NC. Whether you are considering a hardwood floor, a tile floor, a laminate floor or a stone floor Severens Construction Management is the right choice.

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SUBSTRATE REPAIRS – The substrate (what's under the floor that you see) needs to be repaired before a new floor can be applied. After removing the old tile (or whatever the existing floor is) we will inspect the substrate and make the necessary repairs. Some contractors will charge exorbitant rates for change orders on substrate repair work. Severens Construction Management will not risk their relationship with valuable customers by "gouging" customers for change orders. To complete a flooring job in the proper manner substrate repairs need to be considered and accounted for.

TILE FLOORING – Severens Construction Management is a quality tile flooring contractor in Denver NC. There are several proper phases to a quality tile job. It is important that you do your research or that you have a tile flooring contractor that you can trust that has done his research and has years of field experience. Also, these days there are many tile choices depending upon the use of the room and the look that you are trying to achieve. In some circumstances it is best to choose a porcelain tile. Whereas, for other projects ceramic tile, stone tile or mosaics are the best choice. A good flooring contractor will be able to guide you as you make the many decisions that are required as you embark on your tile flooring project.

DESIGN DECISIONS – There are many design decisions that either don't cost money or cost very little that can improve the look of the room where you are installing flooring. Many contractors will not advise you of your options and the benefits of choosing one option over another. An example of one such decision is the choice of which way to run your hardwood planks in your rectangular shaped room. A long rectangle shaped room will often look better if the planks are run lengthwise. The other benefit to this choice is less material waste ( because you will minimize the number of planks that are cut and for the most part utilize only full planks). Another example of a design decision is the size of tile at the floor. In a medium size room using large (18" square or 24") tile will make the room look larger. With both of the above listed decisions not only is there a design benefit but there is also a cost benefit because the labor to complete the floor installation is less due to the technique required to install the flooring.

THE BOTTOM LINE ON FLOORING – As outlined above, the decisions that you make as it relates to flooring will have long term effects on the enjoyment and appeal of your remodeled home. But remember, it's not all about price. A less expensive floor can often give you a better outcome (as demonstrated in the lengthwise hardwood flooring example) However, all this being said, it is important that you choose a flooring contractor that has your best interest at heart. Ask your neighbors for referrals. Ask your friends. Severens Construction Management has a reputation of delivering quality flooring at a reasonable price. The bottom line is customers who are well informed and ultimately satisfied.

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